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An interview with the Manzana Podrida webzine from Spain was conducted on 10/26/05. Want to read it? HERE it goes.


It's done. The new albums are finally finished. Hallelujah. I'm exhausted.


Comes With The Fall have just emerged from four days of recording in Atlanta with what is easily our best work to date. Just the three of us rocking out live in the same room Headley Grange-style with the 2-inch tape machine in the next room taking it all down. A few ballads, several epics, and a whole lot of stomping rock-n-roll. Enough for two LPs. Even in it's stripped down basic track form, this stuff will peel your face off. In the words of Adam Stanger's brother Brian (thanks again for the distortion pedal), "That's just how we do business."



We appreciate beyond words each and every one of you who continue to keep the faith in Comes With The Fall during our hiatus. While it has gone on longer than any of us originally expected, and taken many unexpected twists and turns, we can only trust that all of these things are happening for one simple reason - to make us stronger and better than we ever were before. We must accept the events of the last 18 months as a necessary part of our story. Just as integral to the big picture as the day we all met, the night we played our first show, or any of the albums and tours that followed.

What we all must remember is that this band's entire existence has been nothing but one gigantic leap of faith after another. By all laws of logic, none of what we've accomplished should have ever happened. Recording that first album with no money and no support in Atlanta. Moving all the way across the country to Los Angeles. Meeting a cat like Jerry Cantrell and touring all over creation with him. Somehow scraping together the time and money, while on the road, to record a second album, then a third. Then film and edit a DVD documentary. In retrospect, it seems unbelievable. And yet it's all there, a body of work fixed in time against all odds. The crazy days and sleepless nights. The transcendent shows. The amazing press reviews. The whiskey toasts. The triscuits for dinner. The laughter, the arguments, the fistfights. The sickness and death. And, most of all, the LOVE. Love for one another as brothers. Love for the sound we create together. Love for the ideals that brought us together. And, of course, the love we feel for (and from) YOU. Again, it's beyond words. And we're not giving it up for anything.

Rest assured there will be another Comes With The Fall album. It will happen this year. And it will rock like all hell.

We know at times the wait seems unendurable. This note is directed as much toward ourselves as it is you. But we ask for just a little more patience as we once again search for the sound that will defy the odds and move mountains.

From the bottom of our hearts.

William, Adam, and Bevan
Comes With The Fall