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Hello Everyone.

Tolcher tour going fine.

Writing from my place in LA right now. Last night of a 4 day break.

Jammed with Bevan and Adam for the first time in ages the other night. All new music. I hope you people are ready for some hard science because this next LP of ours is shaping up to be no fucking joke.

Got an advance copy of the MC5 documentary "A True Testimonial." I've been a fan of this band my whole life - have all the records, seen all the pictures, read all the books, and most of the articles. In short, I thought I knew. Turns out, I didn't know the half of it. The most righteous band of rock-n-roll brothers in arms EVER?? I'm going with a HELL YES!! And Wayne Kramer is definitely the greatest unsung guitar superhero in hard rock. As a performer, I'd have to put him second only to Hendrix himself. And that's only because of Jimi's sonic mastery. Wayne's a way better dancer. James Brown splits, slides, and knee drops - while doing leads. Simply unbelievable. I am officially back in school. My fingers are already sore from pressing rewind. I hope you all get a chance to see this for yourselves. Oh, and great taste in guitars, Brother Wayne. With any justice, I will one day shake your hand.



That is all.


Hello all. It's been a long time between updates. All apologies. Such has been the nature of our lives lately. We've been doing what we're always doing - taking care of business against all odds.

NOTE: Our email Inbox overloaded this past month and deleted a slew of new and unread messages. Any emails sent to the band between February 9 and March 10, 2004 were unfortunately lost. Again, a thousand apologies. The situation has now been corrected, so please hit us back again when you get a minute. We do so love to hear from you. Now on with the news:

In about 7-10 days we should be going live with an all-new Comes With The Fall website. It's been a long time coming and, thanks to our friend Ben Barraza, it's now a reality. The new site will feature clips from the recently released Live Underground 2002 DVD, updated photos and press reviews and, finally, all of the articles and interviews to date with CWTF collected under one roof. It will also have an updated (and much more user-friendly) merch page. Mega props to Ben Barraza!! And a million thanks to our dear Nature Girl for helping to sort through and consolidate reams of material. The most remarkable thing about all of this is the initiative shown by our fans in the building of this new site. It was essentially complete before the band even knew about it. And most of the photos, logos, and other key elements used in the design come directly from you, the Fallen. It's been quite an undertaking. We are extremely surprised, excited, proud, and grateful.

On a personal note, right now I'm on tour playing lead guitar with a singer/songwriter named Michael Tolcher, who has an album coming out in May on Octone Records. We'll be touring all over the U.S. this spring and summer, so I'd love to see any of you who care to come out. We have a few days off this week so I'm in LA at the moment catching up with my guys. Bevan and I had a cook-out today and I should see Adam for dinner tomorrow. Bevan has finished his drum tracks for the next Danzig album and many of the instrumental overdubs are done as well. Glenn is now laying down vocals. The album should come out in July.

And speaking of albums coming out in July, be on the lookout for Joi's new as-yet-untitled album in that month as well. I just got back from visiting her in the studio where she played me 8 or 9 of the songs and I have to say it is a MASTERPIECE. I have loved this woman and championed her music for many years now but this is truly her tour de force. I felt like I was listening to the first playbacks of Prince's Sign Of The Times album or Marvin Gaye's What's Goin' On. Yes, it's that good. Joi has created a landmark piece of work that raises the bar for all of us. Look for it to come out on r&b legend Raphael Saddiq's (Tony Toni Tone, Lucy Pearl) label, Pookie Records.

In other news, my dear friend Nico Constantine (ex-CWTF guitarist) now has his own kick-ass rock-n-roll assault squad, Program The Dead, and they just recently went live with their website, which you can check out here.

Finally, Adam, Bevan, and I just want to extend our heartfelt thanks to all of you who are standing strong and steadfast with Comes With The Fall while we take this temporary hiatus to do some other things which, like it or not, are necessary for our financial and creative survival. Thank you for keeping the faith, for turning your friends on to our music, and for continuing to spread the word about this band far and wide throughout the world. It is the one thing which gives us our greatest strength as we plot the terrain for the next battle. And have no fear, children, there is a masterplan.