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More gigs added. Check the SHOWS page.

CWTF continues their assault on underground radio. Thanks to all the stations in the U.S. and Canada who have added us so far. Special thanks to BBC Radio One for spreading the noise in the U.K. and to The Hard Report on RRR in Melbourne, Australia for lighting things up down under.


New gigs for 2002 on the SHOWS page with more soon to follow.

"The Year Is One" was the 5th Most Added record at college radio in North America this week, beating out such major label heavyhitters as the "Oceans Eleven" movie soundtrack and the new EP by those perennial darlings of college radio, Belle & Sebastian. At 36 of the stations that added us to their playlists, we were in their Top 5 Picks of the Week. At one station, we were already at #3 in their playlist chart. And this is just the first week!

It's a phenomenal way to close out 2001, but we hope it's only the beginning.

If you live anywhere near a major city or college town in the United States or Canada, chances are your local college or underground radio station has a copy of "The Year Is One." Whether they are playing CWTF yet or not, do yourselves a favor and take a trip to the left of your FM dial. Become familiar with your local underground radio station(s). That's where the most interesting music is being broadcast these days. You will surely hear something cool there that you've never heard before.

Call up the DJ and ask for Comes With The Fall. If he/she doesn't know who we are yet, educate them. Most likely, the station's Music Director (who is in charge of what the DJs play) knows about us even if the DJ doesn't. Keep the name floating around the station. Unlike the bloated, boring travesty that is "commercial radio," at college radio just one phone call can have a huge impact. So make your voice heard!!


Welcome to our all new Comes With The Fall World Headquarters. It's taken us a little while to get all of this together, but we hope you like it. It has been an eventful year indeed, definitely not without it's share of trials and tribulations, but, in the end, we survived and triumphed. We have a lot for which we are thankful and we are most grateful to have found so many kindred spirits around the globe to share this crazy rollercoaster ride with us. You are the best and brightest on the planet. You light our way.

Please note our San Diego date at Winston's has been changed. Also, a Portland, OR date has been added. Check the GIGS page.

"The Year Is One" continues to garner raves from critics and fans alike. Click on MESSAGES to read what fans around the world are saying about the new album. Click on VIEWS to read what the press have written. And click HERE to order your copy.

"The Year Is One" hits college radio stations all over North America on December 10th. We call upon the Fallen throughout the US and Canada to begin bombarding your local left-of-the-dial stations with requests for CWTF. Hit 'em low. Hit 'em hard. Get 'em on the ground and keep kicking!!

Comes With The Fall