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To keep up to the minute with all the daily goings-on in CWTF, as well as view photos you're not going to see anywhere else, visit our message board/fan forum.


It's been a busy few months, people.

To briefly break down at least SOME of the goings-on since the CWTF spring '07 west coast tour:

As it says on the Alice In Chains website, we've been working on new AIC material. The first in over 10 years. It's been deeply rewarding and the stuff is insane.

I produced a new 4-song E.P. for Program The Dead entitled "Sticks And Bricks." It RULES. Those guys just keep getting better. They're basing themselves out of Atlanta for the moment and they are completely taking that town over. A bit of advice for the rest of the world: There's no point in struggling. Just surrender.

Back to AIC again, many of you know by now that we're gearing up for this late summer run around North America with Velvet Revolver. What you may not know is how fucking ravenous we are to get out there and rock your faces again. We are coming (like a pack of wild dogs) to an ampitheater/arena near you. There will be no quarter asked. And none given. You've been duly warned.

Finally, as you probably saw on this site's home page and on CWTF's MySpace , there is a release date for Beyond The Last Light. September 4, 2007. We could not be more ecstatic. Thanks to all the faithful Fallen for hanging in there.


It's official, folks. Comes With The Fall are set to hit the boards again, playing our first concerts in over 3-1/2 years. The dates are HERE. We're starting off slowly at first, testing the waters in California and Nevada, so we hope of our supporters there will make themselves known and seen! We will be playing a LOT of new music from the recently released The Reckoning EP and the still as-yet-unreleased Beyond The Last Light album, so get ready for the new sounds of CWTF in the '07!! And get there early to catch our friends Program The Dead, a great band with a fantastic new album of their own. Check them out HERE



"The Reckoning EP" and "The Year Is One" are both now available for purchase at the Apple iTunes store. Go get 'em, people.


"The Reckoning EP" has been out for about a week now and is flying out the door at a brisk pace indeed. Thanks to everyone who's already bought their copy. If you haven't yet, you may do so HERE. You can preview several tracks from it HERE or on our MySpace.

In other news, I just got done producing several new tracks for Program The Dead. We recorded them at the Bakos Amp Works studio in Atlanta, the same studio where CWTF recorded all of the music for "The Reckoning EP" and the still-upcoming "Beyond The Last Light" album. The new PtD material is absolutely amazing. No word yet on a release date but be on the lookout in the coming weeks for sneak previews on their MySpace page.

Finally, I'm just gearing up to rock the nation with the mighty Alice In Chains. The dates for the fall U.S. tour are posted HERE. Let's all enjoy the calm before the storm because come September 22, it's ON.


First of all, I thought it was about time I extended my heartfelt thanks to all of you who came and showed your support at these recent Alice In Chains shows in Europe and Japan. Twenty-two countries in the last 8 weeks. Whirlwind doesn't even begin to describe it. But I can say without reservation that, as grueling as the schedule occasionally got, the thunderous roar of your applause (and futbol chants) and the look of unmitigated joy on your faces as you sang along with us made everything more than worthwhile. It was an honor to sing for you, talk with you, drink with you, etc. Together we all experienced something life-altering out there. I won't ever forget it as long as I live.

In other news, we finally went to press on the new CWTF ep last Friday (7/28). It is now called "The Reckoning EP." It will be a 5 song affair. All of the songs will be exclusive to this record except "Rockslide," which will also be on the "Beyond The Last Light" album (release date still tbd). "The Reckoning EP" titles are as follows:

1. Rockslide
2. Escape The Crime
3. Evil Rising
4. The Reckoning
5. Chameleon Blues

This entire song cycle, which includes "The Reckoning EP" and the "Beyond The Last Light" album, is by far the heaviest music CWTF have yet recorded. It was inspired by a lot of things going on in our world today which we felt compelled to address - not in a pedantic, dogmatic, or even particularly topical way, but address nonetheless. You are free to read into it what you will.

It will be ready for shipping a little over one week from today.


A lot of people have been asking about when CWTF's fourth album, "Beyond The Last Light," will be released. It's completely done - recorded, mixed, mastered, artwork finished, everything. We are ready to go to press. Yet the original release date has come and gone. What gives? I suppose I have some "'splaining to do," as Ricky Ricardo would say.

In light of everything that's going on with myself and Alice In Chains (see tourdates HERE, we've decided to hold the release of BTLL for the moment. I know, I know, it seems like it's taking forever already, but the timing has to be right. This album is our heaviest work yet and we want to give its release the full attention it deserves, promotional and otherwise. Right now, that's just not possible.

However, in the meantime, what we ARE going to do is release "The Rockslide EP," named for the new CWTF anthem with which many of you are already familiar from its recent unvailing on our MySpace page. The EP will also contain two other totally mind-melting tracks from the BTLL sessions that you won't find on the album, nor anywhere else. These are EXCLUSIVES, people. Not outtakes. Not B-sides. As you may remember, BTLL was originally conceived as a sprawling double-disc affair but then for various reasons, none of which had to do with the quality of the music, was whittled down to a single disc of ten tracks. And let me tell you folks, that whittling was tough! Every proposed running order felt like Sophie's choice. There was screaming, fistfights but, in the end, we got it done. That left us with a surplus of face-peeling rock-n-roll. And now we're going to pass the savings on to you, our faithful supporters, for all your patience during these trying times. We hope this will serve as a uniquely cool stand-alone piece, as well as an appetizer for the album to come.

Expect "The Rockslide EP" in July. Seriously.


Did a rather in depth interview several days ago with Dave Slusher for his Evil Genius Chronicles web broadcast. You may listen to and/or download it HERE.


Because we are still working out the details regarding the release of Beyond The Last Light, we decided to give you a little sample of what is to come. Behold. Rockslide. Comin' down. Our new national anthem. Consider this an early Valentine's Day present. And thank you again for your patience.


A belated Happy New Year to all.

There promises to be a lot to report in the coming weeks and months, but this much can be said right now.

I have accepted an invitation to sing lead vocals with the reunited Alice In Chains on the VH-1 Decades Rock Live television show taping on March 10, 2006 at the Trump Plaza Hotel & Casino in Atlantic City, NJ. AIC is to be honored, along with Heart, for their enduring contribution to rock music. The show promises to be a lot of fun, an all-star miniature Last Waltz scenario with jamming between the two honorees and famous friends of both bands stepping in to lend a hand. I am honored to be a part of such an historic occassion.

As for CWTF's new album, "Beyond The Last Light," rest assured, we are dying to get it out as soon as humanly possible. The anticipation is killing us as much as it is you. All of the materials are assembled and ready to go to press. We're still just weighing our options for the best way to make it more easily available to everyone. We want to widen the net, but in a way that makes sense to us. We hope to resolve the situation soon.