strung out on a dream

I just can't make sense of this
How I could hate you
just as much as miss you

On a lonely night like this
I would trade my kingdom
just to kiss you

And now the violet hour calls
It wakes me from my sleep
'Cause I want so much more
Than you would have me keep

I'm strung out on a dream
Stranded where I lay
But over and again
I give myself away
I'm strung out on a dream
But I see the light
For tonight just might be our time
Tonight just might be our time coming

Got my pedal to the floor
And I'll soon be scratching at your door

With my face against the pane
I'll hold your hand
as we both go insane

For now in these violet hours
A stranger to my sleep
I want you so much
It hurts for me to breathe

Music and Lyrics: William DuVall
2001 Ultramad Music ASCAP