no need to wonder

Now may be the only time we get
to share the smallest part
of the loneliness
that makes us who we are

It seems to be the way
You never seem to stay too long
When your work is done,
you leave me high and dry
And God only knows why
I just can't get enough

There's no need to wonder
why you pull me under
'cause I can't stop to think about
coming to my senses
And I can't stop to think about
truth or consequences now

You know I can't refuse
And even if we lose,
I'll stand this ground with you
Your ever-watchful eye

Whatever fortune falls,
remember we are flesh
for just a moment's time
but spirits evermore
If we only knew what for...
'cause I can't get enough

Music and Lyrics: William DuVall
2000 Ultramad Music ASCAP