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Sine preview in this week's Village Voice

Comes With The Fall -

Reasonably visceral, musicianly, and dynamic hard rock from a biracial trio who've backed up Jerry Cantrell on tour but don't succumb to Alice In Chains' lead feet; really, they're more how Soundgarden might have sounded with the singer from King's X, if not the other way around. Lyricist-vocalist-guitarist William Duvall (who co-wrote Dionne Farris' '90s R&B hit 'I Know') lists among his influences Hendrix, Ulmer, Verlaine, Ayler, Greg Ginn, Keith Levine, PJ Harvey, Willie Nelson, Gamble & Huff, Smokey, and Iggy. Interesting guys, at the very least. Kick-ass cover of Sab's 'Symptom of the Universe' to boot. (Eddy)