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Review of "The Year Is One"

Eric "Smeg" Madrid
The South Coloradan Online
January 24, 2002

Welcome back to the unknown this papers very own music review with your host, me. Eric "Smeg" Madrid.

This week a very special treat for you all, new grunge from the hometown of the movement Seattle Wa.

I give you Comes with a Fall and their sophomore effort the year is one. The band now on tour as the backing band for former Alice in Chains guitar man Jerry Cantrell. I happened to see these guys in action and I can tell you that they rock. From the first riffs of the booming track murder scene to the punk infused harsh of Take it out on me guitarist/vocalist William Duvall shows us why Comes with a fall has won acclaim wherever the band goes. To get more info on this CD, tour schedule and radio play for Comes with a fall check out there website Also look for the band to be added to the KASF rotation in the near future, until then you can hear them on my show Wednesday nights 8-10pm only on 90.9 Grizzly Radio.

HOT SPOTS: the ginger ballad Waiting out the breakdown, and the power hooks of Murder scene.

THE LAST WORD: It's refreshing to see new bands not succumb to the rap-rock DJ no talent "I can't sing so I use pro tools and my computer" approach to making a CD.