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Pop Matters, Four Artists to Watch in 2003

The Warlocks -- With the stunningly lush epics and a dark love-in type feel to Rise and Fall in 2001, and the equally serene, but tighter Satanic Majesties Request meets Lou Reed from this year's Phoenix, The Warlocks are poised to fill high school kids bedrooms with sounds of quiet feedback from morose guitars and the harmonies of singer Bobby Hecksher in a Pink Floyd sorta way. Important fact; with two drummers pounding away in time with each other, no one can touch the cool factor of The Warlocks.

David Usher -- The former Moist frontman released Morning Orbit last year to both critical and commercial success in his native Canada, and word has it that he will be playing the SXSW in 2003. If America does get a taste of Usher, with his piano tinklings and acoustic strumming, expect Pete Yorn comparisons with a darker slant.

Gob -- More music from Canada; imagine Blink 182 with some credibility. Loudly plugging away north of the border, going the indie route for a few years in the States, Gob released F.U. EP in October on Arista, which mixed some old and new tracks to give us a taste of what we've been missing. Sometime this spring, expect the full-length Foot In Mouth Disease to lead these guys through the Warped Tour of 2003.

Comes With the Fall -- Fresh off spending the better part of 2002 not only opening for Jerry Cantrell, but doubling as his backing band, Comes With the Fall are poised to make their own mark. This trio, based in L.A. by way of Atlanta, are not afraid to rock. They'll give you Alice In Chains heaviness with Led Zeppelin power, and try something unheard of in music today: guitar solos, loud choruses and a kick in the face not felt this hard since Seattle in '91.

31 December 2002