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Jerry Cantrell picks COMES WITH THE FALL as his choice of “Future Champions Of Rock” in Guitar World Magazine 

They’re just a breath of fresh air-their whole approach, the way they work and the type of people they are. I’ve had the good fortune of spending a lot of time with them over the last couple of years, and we’ve become friends. But I just think that they’re doing something completely different that what’s currently going on. It’s more real to me than a lot of the stuff I hear; it’s real innovative. They don’t really sound like anyone else. It’s heavy, rockin’ music with amazing vocals. They remind me of the way Alice In Chains were in the beginning, in that it’s more about the song than any individual performer.

They are originally from Atlanta but they’re based out of L.A. right now. They’ve been together for about three years and they’re not signed yet, but that should change real soon. They’ve also got a pretty cool website if you wanna check them out-”

Guitar World, November 2002